About Us

Our college offers B.C.A. course from (the beginning) 2000 onwards. We have produced 508 degree holders till now. We got permanent affiliation on 22.01.2009 (Ref.No.030374/D3/2008) with the intake of 60 students and started additional section for BCA on 28/07/2008. Many of our students are working in esteemed Companies, Organizations, Institutions and all. As well as our department produced self motivated, confident, and talented and smart personalities to the society. We develop our students Communication Skills and Leadership Qualities and every year our students gained University Ranks. Our Department Staff Members also take part in the various developmental activities for our college. We train our students to take part in various competitions. Our department has unique name among other departments in the right way.



BCA 28.07.2000 11700/D1/2000
Permanent (030374/D3/2008)
B.C.A Additional Section - I 28.07.2008 29390/D3/2007
B.C.A Additional Section - II 10.07.2015 16323/D3/2015



To emerge as power house of Computer Applications area developing competent computer professionals to meet the dynamic needs of disruptive technologies.


  • To impart technical knowledge through innovative teaching, research and consultancy.
  • Provides state-of-the-art facilities and internationally recognized faculty.
  • To adapt to the dynamic needs of industries through curriculum update.
  • Promotes partnerships with industry and community.
  • To produce competent graduates with professional ethics and life skills.


    • Do an MCA (which I recommend not to) which is a 3 years course again. The curriculum is almost as same as BCA course so you end up studying same things that you studied in BCA. Plus placements for MCA are not that great these days. So many colleges are shutting down their MCA department due to very low demand. Overall BCA+MCA options are dying in India due to fewer acceptances from IT companies or a very low package.
    • Get into job oriented courses like Wipro WASE program. Its a 4 year program(on the job) which Offer M.Tech in software engineering degree at the end of 4 years by BITS, Pilani (Wipro has tied up with BITS, Pilani). You get monthly Stipend of 13,500,16,000,19,000,23,000 in 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th year respectively. Note that having studies Maths in class 12 is compulsory for this program. Selection process via test, interview.
    • Another job oriented program is by TCS called as Ignite. Again a one the job 3 years program which offer MCA in tie up with Sastra University.
    • With new age e-learning, BCA students should also look for doing Open Learning courses from websites like Udacity, Simplilearn, Coursera. It offer various new age courses like Mobile & Software development, Cyber Security, IT Service & Architecture, Cloud Computing etc.
    • If not software/IT (it’s not your interest), then look for options outside like social work, management, fellowships like YIF, journalism, law etc. For this understand yourself via taking a psychometric assessment test and talking to a career counselor.


    1. 30.01.2003 Science Expo Mr.Manisankar Ayyar.,MP
    2. 11.09.2003 Database System Mr.Nicholas ,Senior Examinar,R.E.C,Trichy
    3. 12.09.2003 Datastructures

    Mr.Joe Irudhayaraj,Msc.,M.Phil.,St.Joseph's College,Trichy

    4. 14.10.2006 Embedded Systems Hari InfoTech,Kumbakonam
    5. 25.07.2007 Department Inaugural Function Dr.Manivel, Department of Geology, Bharathidasan University.
    6. 11.08.2008 -13.08.2008 Workshop Mr.Rampier,Mr.Bharanidharan
    7. 25.08.2008 Department Inaugural Function Mr.Charles,Mr.Vivek, Mr.Prathav , Mr.Bala from nHit.
    8. 09.08.2008 Project Course?? (ASP.Net & VB.Net) Mr.Bala.Project? Co-ordinator.
    9. 29.10.2008 BCA Department Inspection for Permanent Afflication Dr.Sivakumar, Professor & Reader, A.V.V.M.POONDI College.
    10. 17.07.2009 Association Inaugural Mr.Balchnadran, Mr.Rampier, Mr.Wilson, Mrs.Panchavarnam
    11. 10.08.2009 Motivation Programme for Project Mr.Gunasekaran, GRAFIX,Chennai.
    12. 31.08.2009 Latest Technology Graphics Private Solution Ltd
    13. 09.01.2010 Job Awareness and Human Resource Development Mr.Praveen Kumar , Veejay Groups. Mr.Martin, Star IT Park.Ms.S.Sowmiya, HR., Mrs.Ananth Valli, Micro Finance Interpreneurs.
    14. 16.04.2010 Valedictory Function

    Mrs.Praveen Kumar ,Veejay Groups

    15. 07.07.2010 Association Inaugral Mr.Leon Xavier ,Rotract Chairman
    16. 18.09.2010 Php Lab And Language Mr.Karthik Anand Babu Asst.Prof.,Periyar Maniyammai College
    17. 20.09.2010 Awareness Programme about IT Mr.K.Janakiraman, Mr.Raja, Director of Apple Computers.
    18. 24.09.2010 SIBCA-2010(SYMBOSIUM)

    PMJF LionJ.S.Mohan,.Principal .,

    A.R.R.School,Rtn.Mr.S.M.Martin ., Star Air Teravels

    19. 26.07.2011 In-Plant Training HCL Employees
    20. 31.07.2012 Association Inaugural Mr.Raja Rajan, Periyar Maniammai College, Trichy.
    21. 31.07.2012 Inaugral Function

    Mr.SathyaMoorthy ,

    Manager Institutional Placement, HCL, Chennai

    22. 14.09.2012 National Level Seminar & State Level Technical Meet

    Dr.G.Zayaraj, Associate Professor,Dept of CS

    Pondicherry Engineering College.

    23. 28.07.2013 Department Inaugural Function

    Mrs. Revathi,Principal of Government College for Women,


    24. 27.07.2013 Project Orientation Programme

    Mr.Jesudas, Kings.Mr.Shankaran, Indian Brains .

    Mr.Balachandran, Span Sys.

    25. 31.07.2013 System Inauguration

    Rev.Sr.Dr.Jasmine ThangaKumari,

    Principal of Idhaya college for Women, Kumbakonam.

    26. 04.10.2013 Inter Department Meet

    Mr.S.Janaki Raman, Assistant Professor , Dept of Economics,

    Government Arts College(autonomus), Kumbakonam

    27. 28.01.2014 Technical Exhibition

    Rev.Sr.Dr.Jasmine ThangaKumari,

    Principal of Idhaya college for Women, Kumbakonam.

    28. 14.02.2014 National level Symposium

    Rev.Sr.Dr.Jasmine ThangaKumari,

    Principal of Idhaya college for Women, Kumbakonam.

    29. 19.02.2014 Orientation Programme ( For Central Government Courses) Career Development Centre(CDC)
    30. 10.04.2014 Inaugral Function

    Ms.Mohana, Ms.Mariya ,

    Mr.VijayaKumar from CDC Placement Company ,

    Mr.Ninesh Kumar from Royal Solutions.

    31. 20.09.2014 National Conference

    Dr.Nisha Thundiyil, Director of MBA,

    Mass College of Arts and Science , Kumbakonam

    32. 11.06.2015 Approval for Additional Section Mr.Pathasarathy,Controller, Bharathidasan University.
    33. 22.07.2015 Association Inaugral


    Assistant Professor of Government Arts and Science College, Kumbakonam.

    34. 23.07.2015 Approval for Additional Section

    Mr.Pathasarathy,Controller, Bharathidasan University.

    35. 02.09.2015 Library Inaguration Function Rev.Sr.Dr.C.Jothi Mary, Principal of Idhaya college for Women, Kumbakonam.
    36. 24.03.2015 Validectory Function Mr.Balachandar, Assistant Professor, Idhaya college
    37. 18.08.2015 Workshop-Project Development K.Antony Justin,Programmer
    38. 17.03.2016-18.03.2016 Workshop-Hardware Development Mr.S.Jagadeesh,Pragrammer
    39. 26.07.2016 Association Inaugural Dr.Palani Velu, Principal of Government Arts and Science College, Kumbakonam.
    40. 10.10.2016 DILLETTANTEZ-National Seminar Mr.Dr.G.Kumaravel,Asst.Prof, Pondy.
    41. 04.02.2017 RAM and ROM Peripheral Devices Mr.Shakthivel,Asst.Prof,Annai College, Kumbakonam.
    42. 20.03.2017 Web Development

    Mr.Sathish.,Sysway Tech,Solution

    43. 26.07.2017 Association Inaugural


    Principal of Government Arts and Science College,


    44. 08.08.2017 Soft Skill Programme Sigaram Foundations.
    45. 30.08.2017 Fine Arts Club

    Rev.Sr.Dr.Vimali Mary,Assistant Professor in Tamil,

    Idhaya college for Women, Kumbakonam.

    46. 05.09.2017 BCA ,CS,IT Workshop-Phyton Langauages Mr.Andrews, Programmer.
    47. 08.09.2017 Web Design -Seminar Mr.Shakthivel,Asst.Prof,Annai College, Kumbakonam.
    48. 13.09.2017 Endowment Expo-2K17

    Rev.Sr.Dr.Eugine Amala,

    Principal of Idhaya college for Women, Kumbakonam.

    49. 05.10.2017 Basic Programming Languages-Seminar

    Dr.F.Kurus Malaiselvi, Asst.Prof,

    Govt.Womens College,Kumbakonam



    1 30.01.2003 SCIENCE EXPO Mr.Manisankar ayyar.,MP
    2 11.09.2003 DATABASE SYSTEM Mr.Nicholas ,Senior Examinar,R.E.C,Trichy
    3 12.09.2003 DATASTRUCTURES Mr.Joe Irudhayaraj,Msc.,M.Phil., St.Joseph's College,Trichy
    4 14.10.2006 EMBEDDED SYSTEMS Hari InfoTech,Kumbakonam
    5 11.08.2008 -13.08.2008 WORKSHOP Mr.Rampier, Mr.Bharanidharan,Asst.Prof.Idhaya College for women
    6 31.08.2009 LATEST TECHNOLOGY Graphics Private Solution LTD
    7 18.09.2010 PHP LAB AND LANGUAGE Mr.Karthik Anand Babu Asst.Prof.,Periyar Maniyammai College
    8 24.09.2010 SIBCA-2010(SYMBOSIUM) PMJF LionJ.S.Mohan,.Principal .,A.R.R.School, Rtn.Mr.S.M.Martin ., Star Air Teravels
    9 14.09.2012 NATIONAL LEVEL SEMINAR AND STATE LEVEL TECHNICAL MEET Dr.A.Zayaraj,A.P.Engineering College,Pondy
    10 14.02.2014 CTRENDZ-14(NATIONAL SEMINAR) Shri.Stanislas Ashok ,Head,Computer center,Pondy
    11 18.08.2015 WORKSHOP-PROJECT DEVELOPMENT K.Antony Justin,Technical Head,Chennai
    12 17.03.2016-18.03.2016 WORKSHOP-HARDWARE DEVELOPMENT Mr.S.Jagadeesh,Pragrammer
    13 10.10.2016 DILLETTANTEZ-NATIONAL SEMINAR Mr.Dr.G.Kumaravel,Asst.Prof,Pondy
    14 04.02.2017 RAM AND ROM PERIPHERAL DEVICES Mr.Shakthivel,Asst.Prof, Annai College
    15 20.03.2017 WEB DEVELOPMENT Mr.Sathish.,Sysway Tech,Solution
    16 08.09.2017 WEB DESIGN -SEMINAR Mr.Shakthivel,Asst.Prof,Annai College
    17 13.09.2017 E-WASTE-ENDOWNMENT EXPO-2K17 Rev.Sr.Dr.Eugin Amala,Principal,ICW
    18 05.09.2017 BCA ,CS,IT WORKSHOP-PHYTON LANGAUAGES Mr.Andrews,Technical Executive
    19 05.10.2017 BASIC PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES-SEMINAR Dr.F.Kurus Malaiselvi,Asst.Prof,Govt.Womens College,Kumbakonam


    Our students are qualified as the following


      • Graphics Designers
      • Bank Employees
      • Customer Care Services
      • Multimedia Application Designers
      • Software Developers
      • Software Publishers
      • System Administrators
      • Computer Instructors in Schools
      • Computer System Analysts
      • Computer Programmers

    Future Plan

      • To conduct International Seminars
      • To Conduct National Workshops
      • To Conduct Technical workshops
      • To train new technologies.
      • Give opportunity for real-time applications
      • To conduct more competitions in academics .
      • To develop Extra & Co-Curricular activities.
      • To arrange on campus placements.
      • To produce more Rank Holders