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"COMPUTER SCIENCE IS the MOTHER OF SCIENCE FOR COURSES RELATED TO IT", Computer Science Department was established in the year 2000. The Department offers Under Graduation (Bsc.CS) from 2000 and started Post Graduation (Msc.CS) course from 2010. Every year the university allotted seats are filled. The Department offers well equipped lab facility to all the students.


The Computer Science Department strives for excellence in creating, applying, and imparting knowledge in Computer Science through comprehensive educational programs, an research is in collaboration with industry and Government dissemination through scholarly publications, and service to professional societies, the community, the state and the nation.


To contribute to the society through excellence in scientific and knowledge based education utilizing the potential of Computer Science with a deep passion for wisdom, culture and values.


  • Computer Science is the study of computers and learns about designing computers and systems development, software applications and programming applications.
  • We have several career opportunities not only in IT fields but also in different criteria.

    1. 24.08.2002 Computer In Modern Life Dr.K.R.Radhakrishnan
    2. 30.01.2003 Importance Of Computer Honourable Mr.Manishankar Iyer M.P
    3. 11.09.2003 1.Data Structures 2.Database Management

    1.Mr.Joe Irudhayaraj St.Joseph College Trichy. 2.Mr.Nichola, Seminar Examiner in REC Trichy

    4. 24.09.2004 Recent Trends in Computer Networks Mr.Seetharaman Head ,Dept of CS Mr.SankaraNarayanan Asst Professor in CS Govt Arts College (Auto), Kumbakonam.
    5. 14.10.2006 Embedded System Mr.Rengarajan Hari Info Tech
    6. 25.07.2007 Humanism Mr.Manivel Dept .of Geology BDU,Trichy.
    7. 03.09.2007 Computer Application in Banking Mr.Manivel Dept .of Geology BDU,Trichy.
    8. 12.04.2008 Association Valedictory Mr. Sangara Narayanan, Asst Professor in CS, Govt Arts College (Auto) Kumbakonam.
    9. 23.07.2008 Awareness about the Maya Animation Mr.Charles Mathan, NHIT Software Consultancy Aduthurai.
    10. 01.08.2009 Computer Project Mr.SankaraNarayanan Asst Professor in CS Govt Arts College (Auto), Kumbakonam.
    11. 28.07.2010 1.Computer Networks. 2.How to improve Women's Education 1.Mrs.N.Renugadevi Asst Professor ,CSE ,SRC Sastra University,Kumbakonam. 2.Dr.Nisha Thundiyil, Director of M.B.A., Mass College of Arts & Science Kumbakonam.
    12. 21.02.2011 .Net Framework,Window Frame & Web Form Mr.Natarajan , Asst Professor in CS AVC College ,Mayiladuthurai.
    13. 08.09.2011 Virtual Reality & Application Mrs.S.Sundereshwari Asst Professor in CS Govt Arts College (Auto), Kumbakonam.
    14. 25.07.2012 Ubuntu Mr.S.Saravanan Asst Professor in CS Pajancoa ,UT of Pondichery Karaikal.
    15. 16.09.2012 Social Media Camp Mr.Suresh Software Consultancy Kumbakonam.
    16. 17.12.2012 Advanced Java Technology - Workshop (Client Server Validation) Mr.P.Saravanan , Technical Delivery Institute, NIIT Regional office ,Chennai.
    17. 17.03.2013 Inter Depatment Rivalry(Shot Gun '13) Dr.K.Saravanan , Director of Academics, Mass Group of Institution,kumbakonam. .
    18. 08.10.2014 Network Management

    Ms.Soundarya , Technical Trainer , Ms.Akshaya & ,Mr.Rajesh Kumar , Livewire ,Trichy.

    19. 23.01.2015 Inter Department Papery Bestowal-2ZXV on "Science and Humanitites" Dr.P.Lakshmikanthan Block Level Demo Grapher & Professor in Nursing College , Sacret Heart ,Kumbakonam.
    20. 04.02.2015 One Day Workshop on "System Gangup" Mr.R.Jagadesh ,Software Engineer ,Spansys Software Solution Technology .
    21. 30.09.2015 Android & Linux Ms.U.Sangeetha & Ms.A.Shobanabarathy Software Developer ,Iris Solution ,Trichy.
    22. 16.03.2016 ICSTE - "Double Minus - The Hidden Success " Mr.Mohammed Rafi ,CEO Ladder Host Mr.T.Vinoth Kumar, Trainer Ladder Host.
    23. 04.08.2016 Digital Transformation Mr.A.Hallilul Rahman Project Leader - NIIT Kumbakonam & Mr.Andrew ,Trainer NIIT.
    24. 07.02.2017 Cyber Crime &Security Mrs.S.Sundereshwari Asst Professor in CS Govt Arts College (Auto), Kumbakonam.
    25. 07.03.2017 Inter Department TNTE @ 17 on "Importance on IT Field" Mrs.S.Sundereshwari Asst Professor in CS Annai College of Arts & Science Kumbakonam.
    26. 24.08.2017 DataMining & 'R' Programming Mr.Thamarai Selvan(MD) & Mr.Satheesh Kumar , Isysway Technology , Thanjavur



1 05.03.13 National Workshop Data Mining and Data Warehousing Dr.S.Janakiraman, Assistant professor of CS, Pondicherry University , Pondicherry. 800
2 04.03.14 National Technical Event NLTM2Z14 Dr.G.Zayaraz, Professor Dept.of.CS , Enineering college,Pondicherry. 630
3 30.10.14 National Conference on Engineering Science & Humanities(NCESH-2014) Dr.Nishathundil, Director of MBA, Mass College Arts and Science, Mr.R.Surendiran, Director of South Zone, Mr.K.Durai Samy R & D Analyst, SSRG FOUNDATION 1300
4 03.09.15 National Level Technical Cluster CSTWIS-T15 Mr.M.Jagadesh, Chander ,Prof And CEO, Maavan Technologies,Bangalore 20 COLLEGES 850
5 21.09.16 National Workshop Foss For Better World? Dr.S.Saravanan, Assist.Prof,Dpt of CS, Dr.K.C.Ayyob Dept.of Ststistics Pajanco & Ri Karaikal (U.T.of Puducherry) 14 COLLEGES 650
6 14.09.17 National Level Technical Mining CS TECH BOOT-17 Dr.M.Aramudhan, Presented about Data Mining National Level Technical Mining CS TECH BOOT-17 Dr.M.Aramudhan, Presented about Data Mining 18 COLLEGES 750




    • Every staff will contribute updated innovative method of teaching to their students.
    • Well Updated teaching aids are provided to the students.
    • Well Updated teaching aids are provided to the students.
    • We will provide the technique of E-Learning for the P.G students.
    • The department will conduct many workshops ,seminars and symposium by well talented Resource persons.
    • Staff members will take Special care for average students. They are given special training in the relevant subjects.
    • We will conduct Inter department competition to motivate the various department students to grow their talent.
    • The Department UG & PG students will participate in various competitions, Seminars, Conferences & workshops to be conducted by other colleges.
    • We will motivate the students to participate in various sports, cultural and other extracurricular activities.
    • The department aims to achieve more University Ranks from the upcoming academic year.
    • The department aims to place more students in various I.T companies.
    • Beyond all, we are encouraging our students in Good attitude and Character.