EXNORA (14-09-2015)

Students Exnora inauguration for this academic year was held on 14.09.15 at Idhaya Auditorium. The chief guest Mr. T. Senthil Kumar, President of Youth ExNoRa International was honoured by Medical Counciling Sister Sr. Sergina Mary. Mr.T. SenthilKumar  gave a valuable speech about Natural Food and gave awareness to save Environment.

Students Ms. Shusmitha II-IT gave a speech about agriculture and Exnora president

Ms. Gowri  III- IT presented a Powerpoint about kitchen garden.

Idhaya arranged for a rally or creating awareness about Abdul Kalam which was held on Wednesday Morning 10 o Clock.

In that rally, Idhaya College All Student and Staff and NSS Unit directors Mr. Mahendran,

Ms. Baby Gayathri,Ms Menaka and about 150 NSS students took part.